Peek A Boo?

Life has been super in case people are wondering. I have a batch of stuff poppin' right now. My sis is preggers, but is in and out of the hospital. She just cannot stop puking up everything - she's lost over 20 pounds in 2 months, and just cannot control it. Hopefully her pregnancy will get under control soon.

Ironically it's both Mother's Day this weekend, and National Mental illness month. My doc's visits are fewer, and well at this point I've functioned well without the pills. My Grandma don't fight as much, but I chalk that up to her meds being changed. I have made myself go outside more, going to ritual more often not just for the energy but for human interaction.

Rob is still planning on moving but I'm also saving money to prove that I can be gainfully make money. And my Ma? She's doing what she does - being the best mom ever. A hardass, but still doing what she thinks is good and right by me.

! <3 my Ma, even if I don't show it clearly. And I'm expecting some payments coming in soon. If not this weekend, definitely next week I want to buy her something good.