This is a guest post by Hank Vonders

Who would think that my favorite thing to do would be something that makes me freezing, moderately miserable, and extremely sore the next day. No, I'm not talking about ice fishing. I'm talking about snowboarding. It is such an amazing feeling to feel the wind in my hair as I rush down the hill.

Unless it's extremely cold and the snow is icy, it doesn't even hurt when I fall. Snowboarding is an all day activity. It starts with waking up around six in the morning. Usually, I pack my things the night before. When I wake up, all I have to do is pack my lunch, set my wireless security system I got from, and head off to the mountain.

If the weather is good, I will get the mountain by about 8:30. I put on all my gear in the lodge and head up the chair lift. Being scared of heights, this is the worst part of the experience for me, but I get through it. When I get to the top, I put my ear buds in, and take off. It is the best when the powder is a couple inches deep and I can just glide across the snow.

As long as the mountain isn't overly crowded, I have the time of my life every time I go. As I'm going down the mountain, I get a chance to clear my head and think about nothing except the snow in front of me. It helps me relax and rejuvenate. There is no better therapy than snowboarding. Snowboarding is by far my favorite activity.