Time for a trip?

My friend Janie from along the way asked if I was game for a field trip. Field trip meaning being up at Minnesota fishing resorts. Now you guys are probably going - fishing? Well before people moved away and all, and the hurricane that trashed it, friends and I would go to Buckroe Beach and fish at the long pier there. Even though I was horrible at it, we all had good laughs and fished in the cold for hours.

We kinda want to relive that (being that the pier we did fish at got keeled over by hurricane Isabel) by fishing pelican lake up in Minnesota. She lives in the area and so can easily get a northern mn cabin rentals thing going. Tempting trip of just fishing with some buds...but it's soo far.

Talks are in the work to convince me to fly up there. But I've never road a plane before....hoo boy. Just the idea of being in a flying capsule for hours off the ground – kind of scary. But fish; must think of the fishing. Then there’s the cabin after a good days fishing. I’ve never been in one either. It’d be neat to see what the interior of one is like.