Argh annoyances....well sort of.

This week has been busy and just generally confusing. My grandma is getting her knees worked on. After months of hemming and hawing about it cause she doesn't want to be put 'in a home'. Note the home she talks about is known as a 'recovery center' since well you kinda aren't supposed to be walking after knee surgery. So after bitching and random hospital visits - it's about time.

I talked to both Mandy and Bekka this week...good times talking to old friends. The job stuff is doing ok. I has about $700 after bills, though the next month is coming up. Then again Mahalo seems to have screwed over like all their writers all of a sudden locking down new tasks and forcing all to compete for the 'coveted' 60 or so jobs available. Mind you there's like over 2,000 writers that were currently employed.

The money cap didn't effect me thankfully as my walkthroughs made me easily over the $150 minimum Mahalo dollar payout. The shitty thing is that the 90% of people working now have no job, and the positions amount to well slave labor for the amount of wok versus capped monthly earnings. I was tempted then realized I'd burn out after a week. So pass.

Rob came by yesterday...and well didn't exactly rush to leave /wink. Still holding onto hope ladies and gents. But eh, I got writing to do. Typity-type-type.