Photos Organized Online

Guest post from Alex Barlon

When it comes to organizing digital photographs what could be better than putting them online and sharing them with family and friends? My family is so spread across the United States and Europe we barely see each other. Sharing photos online is the perfect way for us to feel as close as if we lived in the same town.

We all use Facebook for our favorite photos. It is so simple to upload them, organize them into albums and post to my profile. How exciting it is to see a new album posted by my son out west or my sister in Europe. It makes it so easy to stay involved in each other’s lives. Uploading and working with my pictures online is quickly accomplished with my hughes internet.

Another favorite place to store, organize and share photos is Shutterfly. Right from Shutterfly I can order prints, photo books, calendars, cards and gifts for family and friends. These make wonderful Christmas gifts, especially the calendars. My favorite thing to do is snap a lot of photos at a special gathering, a party, or wedding, and then have them made into a photo book or calendar to give as a present.

It seems like a million years ago when we had to wait for a week to get our film back. Maybe the pictures came out, maybe they didn’t. Now we can instantly share with everyone right online.