Stuff went down!

Man I am bad at updating this blog! But don't worry; again I'm alive and still kickin' it from the home front. Rob moved out to his dad's (maybe he'll think of continued education amiright?) But the two week separation is not all. Well, lets recap:

Ma is still taking online classes. She thought about going to California business school but decided to stay online and maybe pursue a business degree.

Oh and lemme say this - my kid sis is preggars, remember? ....

It's a Girl!

Had to get that out.

She's also going to graduate this month. See pregnancy and a possible dead beat father shouldn't keep a girl down! That kid's going to look cute in October. She already has been college searching; she was initially thinking about Southern California university aka the University of Redlands.

She was thinking about trying for Inland Empire college to have a bit of distance from the family - a striking out on one's own type of thing. But with the whole baby thing that dream for now was a bit dashed. She was considering online schooling or Thomas Nelson Community College...her grades weren't that stellar for the other area colleges due to being home bound and all. But still...and I repeat:

It's a Girl!

And we've decided I'd be that spinster Aunt that gives her Nieces and Nephews small sips of beer for fun. Ma (err Grandma) will be stern but loving and our Grandma (already sweating she's becoming a Great grandma) will spoil her rotten. Calls it like I see it.