Worst Cooks in America

Guest blog post written by food blogger Martha Warnock.

I found what I thought was the best deal on cable tv, but I found an even better deal on satellite TV. Now I can watch all of my favorite cooking shows. Want a different twist on your favorite food shows? Then you should definitely tune in to watch "Worst Cooks in America." This is a great show that puts 12 horrible chefs through a boot camp to turn them into great chefs. The grand prize on the show is $25,000 and it is a thrill to watch these horrible chefs try to do anything to create a dish that satisfies the judges.

I like this show, because it relates to ordinary people. All too often, I am watching this show on my Satellite TV and I start to hope that I can someday be on the program! Everyone I know, knows that I can not cook to save a life! This show relates to people like me that love the Food Network, yet can not cook a single thing. I give the Food Network a lot of credit for creating this show, because more people will now become interested in watching programs on the Food Network. They feel that the Food Network is better able to communicate to the average American, rather than always hosting gourmet chefs on its programs.

The boot camp is lead by two great chefs named Anne Burrell and Beau MacMillan. They are tough on the contestants, but it is for the good of the contestants so they can someday become great chefs too!