University of Redlands is back on the table.

I recall writing up about these California university guys a bit ago. Well I’m blogging about them again – as an associate of mine is college shopping. Mind you we have a decent amount of places in state but said person wants to venture outside of familiar territory. Starting fresh he said. So why not start fresh and better one’s education at the same time!

He had always wanted a business degree and was gunna go for it! But when he said that he wanted to go to school far I realized he meant it – he’s looking for schooling at the opposite end of the U.S. all the way in California. The University of Redlands had caught his wandering eye. I asked him why there? He wanted to go for the scene. Not just the new state – I mean California is a BIG leap from Virginia. Lots of sun, less cold and raid, less Southern values and more surf bums ha!

But the place going by the website is actually nice. Full of actual sights and sounds that aren’t stuck hundreds of years in the past. He likes history but feels a bit overwhelmed by it down here. I mean down here most schools are storied in U.S. history, full of buildings that may have been in the middle of Civil War battles and have had President’s wandering them.

That kind of history is cool for a history buff. But for someone trying to just have fun without the stuffiness, a new place and location could do wonders. The University of Redlands does do historic preservation though (California has its share of historical landmarks like any other place), and according to its site has a smaller college feel. So he can still dabble in history without being overwhelmed by it (or large crowds). I dunno myself about such a big change but I’m glad to help him out.