Fun in North Carolina

I love pancakes, so I guess it's no surprise that my favorite place to eat out is IHOP. And when I'm with my cousins in North Carolina, this is just about all we eat because there are no parents around to tell us to eat our vegetables.

Last weekend I was in North Carolina, and we spent the entire time either dancing, playing with the dogs, or eating pancakes. I kid you not. It was the best weekend of my life.

Beth and Peter are the best cousins anyone could ever ask for. They're so fun and interesting. They always seem to have something funny to say.

Like, when we were getting ready to head to IHOP for the first of about five times that weekend, Peter was setting the home security alarm ( and he said, "just let me set this thing to self destruct."

When we got to IHOP, we decided we were so hungry that we all ordered two meals. It was really stupid, to be honest, because there was no way we could have eaten all that. But we always get crazy when the three of us are together, and it somehow seemed like a good idea at the time.

Needless to say, I came home from North Carolina happier, but also a few pounds heavier.

Guest posted by Cameron Hodge