Why did I need to ride the bus, anyway?


I was scalping Craigslist for any small jobs to do.

I saw in their list people looking for test subjects. Unlike the many surveys (usually something that promises big bucks - walk from those shitters!), mock juries (those are fun actually!), and thinly veiled escort ads, I saw stuff from Eastern Virginia Medical School.

The surveys were all looking for women, around my age range, with . I saw two I was tempted to try. I called their number and got a message. I told them I'd like to try, not expecting a call. They probably have a million people call and are already full.

Two days later I get a phone call. The lady was nice and funny (in fact all of them are) and explained the survey. 6 months of testing out a not FDA approved (but very lose in the end stages) female contraceptive for $200. This product would be life changing, especially for women in third world countries. I couldn't say no. And I get a free pap and hurr condoms.

Over that call I freaked myself out as she asked when my last period was. I being a neat person tend to mark my calendar. But September had no marks. Neither did August. Going by my calendar I was oh 32 days late. I was a second from calling that boy at work before it hit me - I had it during great hurricane/earthquake week in the East Coast.

So I now had a date and time to go for this test. And bumming a ride became night impossible. So to the bus I'd have to go.