Computer Blues

As I sit outside just marveling at the random snow in October, I peck away at this slow as mud laptop. Considering I couldn't just drag my pc up here (and especially now with the snow), nor have the privacy I'd want on their three gamer ready pcs I brought along my sluggish laptop.

For what it has to do it's not bad. It opens up browsers albeit slowly. Okay it opens up IE slowly, FF is still rife with that lag bug other have that make it unusable. Open Office slows it a bit unless I don't let it auto save. Anything beyond writing on it is just not worth it. And the fact that I'm writing this with it sitting on a TV tray is killing my back.

Out of boredom I looked around for maybe a get around for this. Laptops in general are okay and I could be holding it in my lap (hence laptop) but a well running laptop can get extremely warm becoming murder on your legs. I have considered though tablets. Now at first glance to me, tablets look like over glorified huge smart phones to me. And as a person who likes it simple I could honestly not give a shit about those type of things.

But tablets are more than that. See I've always wanted to try drawing digitally. I mean I've doodled with a normal pen and paper but never digitally. My pc can handle stuff but I'd need to buy a special pad and is just inconvenient especially when you like drawing in a sketchbook in a comfy chair, not a computer chair that starts to hurt after a few hours of sitting. An this laptop is just ugh.

Now tablets...they have the portability of a laptop while the power of a pc. I've seen what they can do: play movies - not youtube clips – but actual movies without stuttering. And you can use it like a sketchbook holding it like a book in your hands on in the lap. And you can 'draw' on it. The only way I saw that I could ever draw on something electronic was with a mouse, and that is ridiculously hard. A simple stylus and bam on the way to drawing town.

But that is almost the same reason why I'm hesitant about them. I remember working at a local store that had self checkouts. One day as I came in the touch screen part of it was cracked as if someone punched it with a pen. Now I don't see myself pressing down THAT hard on a screen but those self checkouts were made to withstand such pressure and failed. How strong will my screen be? Will I get mad one day and thwack I just ruined a huge investment? That is a big worry for me about durable are they?