A discovery was made....about men's underwear.

Well I never thought I'd see two words put together: men's lingerie. Now think about it. When I see the word 'lingerie' I think of frilly, 'feminine', soft fabrics. The very things I just don't think men would gun of. Mind you, I'm not excluding the very secure kinda guy could who may like frilly undies for whatever reasons, just that those types are not as prevalent.

But in my curiosity I look up what would qualify as mens lingerie . I though it was just boxers and briefs for them. Apparently stuff not made of cotton, sheer thongs, and various fancier versions of generic mens underwear counts as lingerie. Never knew that. I feel enlightened. After this discovery, I told my guy that some of what he owned qualified as lingerie. The look on his face – a mix of horror and amusement – was just priceless.