Lingerie or how I learned to love what I got.

Now, these past few years I've been on a campaign to well see things in the positive. Not just in my mind by bodily. I don't think I'm all that hot or anything, but for a while I was not thrilled with what I had going on. Not thrilled with money being non existent, not thrilled with everyone around me, and not thrilled by my myself physically.

Somewhere in that black void of time that I call 2006-2008 I found a few sites. No, not self help type crap sites but a simply few lingerie sites. Now for the longest while I never got the 'point of lingerie. Like socks I found them well..pointless. Well more superfluous – you were them for five minutes just to well take them off huur.

It doesn't help that most sites like this, they aren't sized for us larger chicks. But one day I checked my email and found some victoria’s secret coupons in my spam folder. I normally ignore said things, but decided to just go see what was with them (a risk, I know). Despite myself I found myself ordering a few pairs of cheap undies. Undies that I wore not for anyone but myself. Those small purchases led to me exploring myself in fashion but also in mind.

Years later, I'm not all that much smaller, but I'm well and above happier. I can look at myself and smile. And well, if a simply pair of frilly lingerie can do that, then so be it.