A Pet Emergency Over Thanksgiving

I heard over thanksgiving that the situation with a family member's pet dog wasn't shaping up well. Let me back track. The bf's brother and his wife own two darling pet Dachshunds. Lively and spunky dogs they are. Well one has befallen a slew of medical issues of late, mostly due to age but still very trying. The price tag keep rising but it seems no relief in sight for the poor thing. Those two are like children to them and a decision to euthanize has been discussed.

This isn't the first time a pet's loss has been mourned by the family. The guy's mother has experienced the loss of one dearly loved cat, that fell to a rapidly growing tumor. But instead of simply having the poor dear be put to rest at a vet and left, they opted for a home burial. I never knew that was even an option for pets (I never had a pet of my own), but you can either bury your loved pet in the back yard, then have the area marked by pet memorial stones. Or you can hopt for pet cremation – which is what his mother chose to do.

All I know as this thanksgiving was spent not only eating, but giving thanks to those in good health, and giving those in need of it hope for improved health. I really hope it doesn't come to that, that dog was so full of spunk and his just as spunky partner in crime will be so lonely :(