Advertising overhaul

Welp, I am poking around with this place: Advertising Agency to see if I can spruce this site up some. I've always pimped my 'bigger' gaming blog with ads, blog posting, link building, the whole yard.

But advertising a niche site is easier to a degree. You have a set audience built in, you know generally your topic will center around such and hey it easy to go answer questions like this:

'Hey, what's your site about?'

With simple one word answers like this:

'Gaming. Yours?'

But unlike with my money making and gaming blogs, this one is a personal blog, filled with baww, aww, and random. It's reflective of myself in reality. I have more than one interest. So does it. And that makes it hard. When I get asked about -this- blog I can only answer:

'It's about me.'

'What about you in specific?'

'Well..I got over depression and work and....relationship problems...and...and...'

I find myself at a loss as to what in specific this blog is other then it's about me. And so I find maybe bringing in a third party maybe a worthwhile idea. I mean it's not like I get paid for knowing where, when, who to post and pitch for with this blog. I don't. But the above people do. I'd like to think said people at said agency do and do well that whole web advertising thing.

They can deal with all that categorizing this blog desperately needs, and I – can stay on point with this blog and it's content. Win win? Win win.