The Apartment's Shaping Up Nicely...Save for the AC and Heat

It's been almost nine months. As I sit in one of our extra deep sofas, I am actually proud of this place. The walls are a bit thin, but we both wear headphones a lot of the time. So aside from that, this place has been rather awesome.

I'm typing this right now on a extra deep sofa and can only smile about it. Yah, money still is an issue as one of my bigger projects ended but so far it's doable. The place looks actually 'homey' now. I can smell a bit from the neighbors - they totally had friend chicken for dinner. This smell is being canceled out by the pasta that was made earlier by the guy.

This place also holds in heat and ac in. A bit too well I'm afraid. We live on the second floor so when the neighbor turns on his hat it rises to us. So sometimes we end up getting free heat - heat that makes it feel like a sauna. But turning on the ac is silly this time of year. Alas we don't have hunter fan blade arms or any type of fans installed here so we cheat and use the small floor fans to keep cool along with the windows.

Right now I'm debating between turning our own heat on or just dealing with the cold as ironically the neight has yet to turn his own heat on. Dang. I like free heat XD