Popups. No not of the the internet kind.

Pop ups. When you think of that you think of silly things like those browsers full of lame ads that just appear in front of your real browser (I got one for a youtube vid a bit ago). Or toast. But did you know those displays you see at say a cosmetics booth, or in any general store with food, counts as one? See, pop up displays are everywhere. Remember that large colorful cardboard thing that held your chips neatly at the local supermarket? That was a pop up display.

Funny that these pop up booths also have bigger uses. Like, guns have trade shows. Jewelry sellers have their own trade shows. But most people don't just lay said wares out onto a spare table – they use pop up displays. These pop up trade show displays are made of sturdier and more flattering materials than their super market counter parts. Many trade show pop up displays are made with fabric and harder materials like plastic and or wood to beautifully display items.
This isn't their only use though; many are used at job fairs too.

They remind me of a DM screen though. Or those science fair things I remember making in school. But way nicer.