Shopping sucks right now. You know it. I know it.

Well, it's that time of the year. Everyone’s shopping their hearts out for great things to gift. But I being always one on the look out for practical gifts, I'm looking towards gifting others clothing. I'm betting everyone will be getting my niece new clothing – but what of her mom?

As my sis is more the fashionable sort just any clothing wont do. So I was putting around looking for clothing for girls (no offense sis!) betting this gear would be down her alley.

I mean she's always been the fashionable one, priding over her high end boots, skirts, and whatnot. Labels > everything. But I am as always on a budget and wont simply go to any store. But this store I'm eying has rather doable prices, is wintery (nothing like buying summer clothing mid winter!) and could make for truly fashionable wear.

And I can order it online! Score! Downside is this is highly last minute. I know how mail system is during this time of the year. Though shopping out in a brick and mortar store is very unappealing. Ugh. What to do. What to do...