Winter Costume Party Plans

I though it'd be fun to have a different kind of holiday party. I am a bit of a geek about costumes. So why not take the fun of Halloween fun and transplant it toward the holidays? Every year there’s a holiday party with the friends out of town. Though instead of simply having a regular going out and drinking party, why not dress up as random professions? As I am a zombie movie geek, and could see this being used for this party and in future other events (namely a zombie walk later next year) I decided to go and purchase a white lab coat. had a slew of the things, at rather cheap prices. It was like going to the doctor's office and stealing a coat! I ordered a few cause knowing how we party one coat will walk in white and walk home with many beer strains. Though getting it dirty ma help it easier transition into a tore up zombie doctor coat...

Anyway, with my two coats in tow, I plan to have a rocking good time as the good doctor, drinking spiked egg nog and generally delivering doctor's reports generally consisting of 'You dear sir are drunk. Keep it up.' XD