Yes, I once cleaned houses.

Ha! Seeing these guys brings back memories! I recall years ago working for a maid service. I was looking through some classifieds and saw an ad out for Maid Service Rockville MD. I was tempted to check them out but I live a few cities too far away for me to drive. Makes me wonder if these guys are in my town. This made me recall working for another house cleaning service before. Before you guys go, 'that's easy work' – it's a lot harder than you'd think!

For one it's not the same as cleaning your own place. You don't have all day to clean; in fact you are expected to clean a whole place usually within an hour or so depending on the size. Large mansions tended to take a bit more time. Usually you went in teams or two or three. Now you'd think because of the short time that you'd have to do the bare minimum. No sir! You had to find every nook and cranny requiring eyes like a hawk! Your partner tended to double check behind you – usually one would be the bathroom/kitchen cleaner and the other the duster/vacuum person.

It was a very intensive job that worked you out especially if you had more than one place to do each day! If any of you guys plan on checking out and hiring any service, treat your cleaners nice. They will appreciate it (and tend to put even more into their cleaning work!).