Daily Deal Hunting

Well, as everyone around here knows, I live on a super tight budget. To achieve the simple feat of continuously living on my own while getting the bills paid and with food in the cupboards, I’ve been rather frugal. Certain things were cut back. One of these things was keeping up to date on fashion. Mind you, I sometimes troll ebay to find a great item but usually said item is marked up high, or a bid war starts – negating the gain I’d have in purchasing anything. And weeding through the many ‘name brand’ only to find many of them counterfeit is rather annoying.

But a name was dropped from an online friend on a shoppers forum - nomorerack. A rather pithy name this place was named under – no more rack. Mind you I’ve seen many an online store. You go to site, purchase, they ship. Wow, how mind blowing *sarcasm*.

But at nomorerack.com they do things differently. They only offer so many goods at a time. See, instead of rushing at an auction, they have it so select and new items are available all for a set price, set shipping ($2 flat fee! No people price hiking the fees to strangle more money out of you!) – but for 1 day.

1 day only. Really?

Really. So you on one hand have it so people won’t camp a certain item for days till it’s out of stock and wait listed. They even have the day and time that said deals expire so you are aware how much time you have to go. You simply haveta be there at the right time to buy. This does have it so avid watchers log in each day to find that awesome item to score. This may sound just like a trendy ebay but wait – the items are marked down super low.

These items aren’t cheap knock offs or counterfeit versions of the real thing. Real deal name brands that are available for 50% and more off, a sweetheart deal considering how high some brands are. You buy it, you pay the $2 shipping fee the site charges and you’re done. Also note that they offer various different things everyday so you never see the same item or deal twice, prompting you to give the site a quick daily glance to see if anything good is up. This is so much faster than combing ebay listings all day for anything worthwhile.