Getting my biker drama fill from Sons of Anarchy

Guest post written by Heather Miles

I never really expected myself to be so interested in a show about these outlaw bikers. Never have I showed any interest in motorcycles or really anyone that rides them before. But I was surfing through the TV channels a few years ago when I came across the show and stopped on it out of curiosity. I couldn't tear myself away from the show and after that I decided to start watching it religiously.

I've maintained that loyalty to the show and was online looking up some more information on what's supposed to happen this season when I saw some stuff about internet packages. After I looked through it some and found some more here to show to my roommates, we switched over our home internet service to one of them.

I am even more into all of the drama this season than ever before. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's just because I've been missing the show so much that I'm enjoying it even more. But I'm not at all complaining about it.