Bankruptcy ...a retrospective.

Whelp, lemme see. It’s been what 3 or so years since that bankruptcy. Wow where does the time fly? I recall that time period rather well. I was at a personal low. I had become withdrawn from the world and had in doing so be unable to keep any worthwhile job - mainly due to me not wanting to deal with people.

This of course led to me not making money, which lead to financial and emotional strain with others...and yeah things got cut off. Car repoed. Bills behind. It was ugly. I simply felt overwhelmed with life and life was proving itself to be an uncaring mistress. I simply had given up on it.

By the time it was all said and do, I was having a breakdown before 30, was forced to live with my mother, and so many sudden black marks were on my credit which would’ve made even trying to be on my own a tremendous hill to climb with the best of mental states. So, it was suggested to consult a bankruptcy attorney. Like the Omaha Bankruptcy Attorney in that link, my attorney was a kind caring gentleman who understood that in order for me to deal with my mental problems, I needed to drop all the old baggage and start over.

This meant dropping the old debt from a car I would never afford to regain, a computer I’d never own (ironically I ended up building a 100x better one from parts – never order pre made pcs!) and lifting the weight of so much pressure off of me so I could breathe. Looking back on that and seeing myself almost one year in a new parent free place working at it with a guy I thought I lost forever…well here's to hoping?