Oh Brazilians, you make the cutest jeans ever

Now, I never saw myself as the Brazilian jeans type. I have wide hips, and am exceptionally curvy. I’m also festively plump on top of that. Yet I cannot deny myself a good pair of good looking (and flattering) jeans. Now have said jeans in the basic black and I’m sold.

It does not help that the cuts I find on most Brazilian type things to be both cute and yet modest – American jeans tend to not do good in the low rise department making it seem as if you either are showing EVERYTHING or are doing the dreaded granny/soccer mom pull over.

But alas! Said awesome jeans are not in my size! Are all Brazilian ladies that tiny? Oh my. Well that kills my hopes. Even if I dropped the poundage, my naturally large hips would complain. So I’ll just ogle those pretty jeans from afar :*( Darn me and my appreciation for hot fashions!