The road to quitting smoking have gone high tech

I recall once going to the mall (oh how I hate the mall!) with my mother. I recall that was a day I went to the local Urban Xchange a body piercing place. Ma was (and still is occasionally) a smoker. She isn’t one of those 10 packs a day people, but more half a pack a day. Still, being a wasteful and unhealthy habit she wanted to quit.

So when we walked around the kiosks, the BluCigs one popped out at us. The vendor there was nice to despite pimping his cigs hard. Despite the priceyness of them (she was on a budget), she gave em a go. She had to buy new tips though – this was her second attempt at electronic cigs as these old ones from Japan she previously ordered never worked out. So far she’s been off and on with the BluCigs. Course she’s fighting years of smoking; can’t expect her to quit overnight.