Vacation house

Guest post of the week by Bradley Guthrie

We have Direct TV Laredo on our vacation house and I actually love it more than the cable we have at home. It's really nice when we are able to come together as a family and watch a movie or some type of program because there are a lot of times that we are all able to coordinate our schedules to sit down for hours at a time. I think that's why I really like the vacation house so much because it's the only time we are able to be together as a family without any distractions.

When we first bought it I worried we were wasting money but now that we've had it for a couple of years I think the value we have gained from it is way more than what we paid for it so all in all it was a great purchase. I think my family and especially my husband would agree with me on this one and who doesn't like having a mountain home, let's be honest?