A Disneyland Dream?

Now, I've never been to California before, or to the ever well known Disneyland. I simply either was always broke or well it was just too damn far. You try to justify a trip cross country from the east coast to over there. All my family lived over here. Cali was a far away image of barbies and sunshine, at least that's what the TV told me as a kid.

Pan to years later and my SO gets word that his bro is getting married to his long time fiancee whose family mainly stay over there. In fact they ironically live by the park. Stuff like lodging, disneyland tickets and the like was discussed. It sounded awesome.

But this what when him and I were working on things and taking a break from each other. So he got to go to said wondrous park. I missed the boat, again.

So he got to frolic in the dry sun (or so I've been told) Cali sun having an amazing time. I was a but bummed, but I was at the time worrying about bigger things, like our relationship. Cue current day and there is talk of the still happily married couple wanting to have a reunion over there. Money is looking better, the relationship is better and well...it's never to old to visit the mouse In his house...