My Evolution in Drinking

I’ll admit it. I was never huge wine drinker in years past. Considering my foray into drinking and alcohol in general began as ‘o I so am not 21 buts am drinking anyway...’ a discerning fine wine drinker I was so not. Then that goal became an ode to how drunk I could get till after hitting 21 in which I could appreciate drinks legally and without fear of discovery. In this period, I began to savor less watered down beers and gravitate towards the craft brews.

I also moved on from the store brought Boones Farm and common wines to try more exotic tastes. Drinks were less party chug fests (not that I don’t do that here or there!) but were accents to diner or to a more quiet evening. But even the ABC store can only deliver but so much in the finer things – and gaining such tastes without breaking the bank can be tough. But wine delivered from certain online places has helped fill my small and indulgent demand for it.