How Light Bulbs Saved Our Cheap Asses

This apartment has been a great and wondrous place in the year we've stayed here. I has given us the space we craved, the privacy we needed, and the sense of 'adultness' we lacked (when I saw 'we', I mean me and Rob) in our lives. I has enough space to allow me to have a work area, him to have a computer geek area, a living room for gaming, and the necessities (bedroom, kitchen, storage areas). No washer and dryer but that's not a far walk. I mean we get a dish washer.

But the place despite the shellack on it is old. Not enough to make me cry 'ugh Formica floors!?' bad, but enough where you wish they'd did just a bit more updating. Like the Fluorescent Lighting Fixture that the complex tended to use. They aren't the best of quality. I mean these were your standard light fixtures. We both are savings and a bit earth conscious and had to replace the bulbs with energy smart bulbs – you know those odd but cool looking twisty bulbs. They probably have saved so much on our light bills.

But the fact that we had to go all out and replace near every regular lighting fixture (save for our 1970's chandelier that isn't really a chandelier hanging light and the pitiful light we never use that for the non hallway) with the rather pricey bulbs. But considering having 4+ PCs running at one time, and AC and a dish washer that we abuse nightly, that power bill stays at a low $90 price point I'll consider the pricey things the best investment we've ever done, energy wise.