A Brief History of Marriage Put into a Pretty Diagram

Weddings. It to me is a much a non issue as having kids. Which is I don't want either. Man, did THAT put certain peoples around me up in arms. Sorry, I just don't care about the white house, picket fence, 2.5 kids and all that. I'ma pirate 'yo.

But that doesn't mean I don't read about certain things, like this rather neat wedding graph thing by Moissanite.

The chart lists multiple facts like the history of weddings (sorry Christians you didn't start the institution no matter how much you whine), costs, even listing non western cultural specific things like bridal dowry. And man do people buy expensive gifts for their brides (don't worry, I'm a cheap date. I really don't need a $3 million dollar necklace - course I don't need a $10,000 wedding either.)

Also it's rather neat to see such trivia as to why the husband stands to a specific side of the bride. Though I assume the article wanted to avoid politics and what not but I'm surprised in the history column that the amendments to marriage (no fault divorce, Loving v. Virginia, the on going same sex debate) wasn't mentioned. Or what other dresses/outfits for marriage other cultures wear -I mean dowry was mentioned and all. Though again - space limitations.

But I still learned things I never knew which is fun :D