Finally....towel hooks that sparkle!

We have been in this apartmemt for over a year now. From Craigslist, to Freecycle and other places we have furnished this home with awesome finds. We have a wood futon that doubles as a coutch and a guest bed, shelves for our armada of books, chairs, artwork and kitchen utensils - making our place slowly become our own. But after a year, we are ready to do fine tweeking - namely on things in the bathroom.

Our bathroom's furnishings are rather sparse. No one tends to give away such items - or anything worth buying on the classifieds. For ages I (as the 'in house style maven') have put off updating the room. This was until I saw these beautiful towel hooks. The ones we have currently are a tad rusted, and sag down from the can tell they were rather old and in need of replacing.

I thought about asking the apartment complex about replacing the things for us - but why have them give us a bland set of hooks when we can just spruse it up ourselves? Whenever we (eventually) move out we can just take our hooks with us and leave the stinky ones behind. I mean look at it:

All our hooks look as pretty as that one and our bath towels are not smooshed against the toilet bowel (yes, our current hooks sag that low). The only thing I'd have to worry on is in installing the things. I nor the guy are tool savvy...