Pirate Shoes!

I’m not a big shoe person. I can count the number of shoes I own across my two hands. But I adore each pair as they go with near anything. I also tend to take care of my stuff so they last rather long. But I totally saw this at jeffrey campbell shoes:

I must have them. I love pirates. I deem myself one in my resume. As a freelancer I think I’m less a hustler but more a pirate conquering, sometimes even doing a bit of barter, roaming the free seas of the internet for gigs. Less of the forcible boarding of competitor ships though.

But enough about that…these shoes are adorable. I haven’t worn print shoes in ages and unlike my times waay back at Hot Topic my tastes have grown out of that. And unlike their sort of overpriced yet cheap wear, these shoes are couture. I mean that price tag…definitely high end. But man pirate shoes. Mind you they are velvet but I can just see myself ironically smoking a cigar in my small office rocking these things.

What, I wouldn’t wear these puppies out that’s a $120 risk I’m not willing to take from the elements!