Flameless Candles - sounds like an oxymoron.

I love candles. I as a ‘lay’ pagan (okay I’m a bit agnostic!pagan but that’s here nor there) I and my kin have an affinity for candles. They give over an overwhelming warm glow, they harken us back to times where electricity didn’t save out asses and add to the décor with a cheap price tag. That’s if you didn’t make em yourself – and they still come out cheaper than say a lamp. They can be placed anywhere not having the limitation of a power cord.

So fathom my surprise when I found these strange flameless candles with timer. I’ve heard of electric candles before – those gaudy 80’s inventions that never fooled anyone and made my rustic admirer whinge. A string of candles with gaudy coloring and an obvious plug – yuk!

But it seems these days that led candles have worked on that and have managed to look rather appealing. They use internal batteries (I assume they accept rechargeables) and look as opaque as a true candle. I can see these becoming standard in living rooms along with those semi good looking fake plants. This type of candle is great for those that tend to forget to water real plants or that they have candles lit avoiding house fires.

And since the things are battery operated, they won’t be too warm (I hope) next to each other causing neighbor candles to melt or burn. They also can be used over and over again – as long as you change out the batter. If you are smart you can use rechargeable batteries instead (assuming they take rechargeables). I also bet that when they aren’t on (and/or if you don’t care if the illusion is broken up close) you can use the candles as a sort of goodie tray for small keys, trinkets, candy or what not. Why not, it’s not like they melt.

The downsides I see with led candles? Dust. This place (and most places) collect dust like anything. I can just see the layers that collect and the pain that is in wiping the things down. I hate dusting. I hate dusting small cramped surfaces which the candle will surely provide me.

Also: that fake drip look still isn’t selling it to me. It still looks fake and the lack of wax hitting my table will tell the tale. The non-drippy candle is the better option. So neat though! I’d tell my grandma about them but she’ll go overboard. Best gift and not tell her where :D