Silly guys, I don't do physical labor.

Healthy Delivered Meals for Worker's Comp in I get the lawyers got tired of sending me things. It's now the worker's comp guy's turn. I can actually see this being useful to me - well if I actually did manual labor jobs. The only comp I'd be eligible for is for the cramp in my wrists and fingers after typing all day. I'm in no shape to do manual labor.

Okay that's not completely true.

Aside from not being anywhere near Fresno, the Healthy Delivered Meals for Worker's Compers idea would be wasted on me. It's take me a few years to work off the extra weight AND build visible muscle. The amount of work I'd have to do to my body to not only be able to lift up but to lift for long periods of time heavy objects would be too long a wait. The few people that I do know that could have needed workman's comp are retired. Ops.