My sis wants to be a lawyer. Part 2

Well, my sis has disregarded her plans to go way out of state for her lawyer path. This made the family rather happy because despite all of her street smarts she folds like a deck of cards when trouble strikes. That and well, we are her fam. Seeing her leave would well suck. Yeah people should follow their dreams but let us be a bit selfish XD

But, her itch to move has not quit subsided. She received a mail from a Personal Injury Lawyer Brooklyn type. NY isn't that far from us. That is way better than Michigan. Yet NY? The city that never sleeps? I'm not so sure about that place either.

The place itself looks great on paper but none of us have ever been to NY before...well okay in passing between states but never directly in it. It just seem so far to travel for just a hunch about a
Personal Injury Lawyer Brooklyn?