My sis wants to be a lawyer.

No, really. My brash, loud and at times a bit silly sis wants to be a lawyer. She has been in school starting up that road for a while now. Amazingly enough, she's taken to it quite well. I always saw law as some exceedingly boring track of 90% dry fact laden book reading (I don't mean that reading or facts is inherently boring; history is fun!

But law...not so much) and 10% court. And considering she's starting off, it will be years of working up under some person's already established practice to gain enough experience to launch your own.

So call me crazy, but I at first didn't see how my rather impatient sis going up such a track. As I looked through her paper work in boredom one day, I saw a flyer for Personal Injury Lawyer Southfield Michigan.

Seriously, Michigan?! That place is way farther than say upstate. I know people move to where the work is, but I just don't see her with baby in tow doing but so good that far. I dunno...Personal Injury Lawyer Southfield Michigan sounds like a fun title to have but is it worth the uprooting for that?