My actual semi useful ad.

Cosmetic Dentist Miami - seriously guys you are hitting too close to home. Well not my home as I live nowhere near Miami, but as in towards my teeth. See, I've been sorta dodging taking care of that cavity in the back of my mouth for years. Namely because I'm broke.

Yeah, no insurance does that. But this Cosmetic Dentist Miami ad proclaims I'm eligible to get work done...oh. It's cosmetic dentistry. Like the kind that whitens teeth not plugs holes due to old fillings. Well that's a downer.

But now as I type this in the wee morning (and my teeth sometimes twitches due to my constant need to grind my teeth) and I feel the urge to just give in and go find a real doctor about this. It's not super painful but the fact that I feel anything at all should be concerning.

But how to put aside enough cash to do so...that is another problem for another time.