Okay guys, I'm really not in your market.

Divorce Attorney Wayne, NJ - heheh the ads are getting supper personal now. They are send out the big guns with divorce attorneys. In the wrong state of course but I'll let then have that mistake. But really guys do I sound like a marriage minded individual? How can I divorce when I've never married and am, like with children finding the whole thing to be well unpleasant as a bag full snakes and rocks?

I mean really, guys did you at least see if I even had a wedding ring on? Or talked about dresses and frilly things about said wedding dresses previous - enough to tell you I got married? And even if I was married, did I even mention in detail any problems with my supposed marital bliss? I mean you guys aren't even trying anymore LAWL

I dunno. Maybe these Divorce Attorney Wayne, NJ guys just felt like giving me a impromptu helping hand for some future marriage that'll blow up in the future that they only can see. I dunno. But seriously - NOT MARRIED. I simply don't care enough to get hitched. Sorry I resemble your target demographic. Okay, not neally.