Where is Pinellas?

I got an ad for this Auto Accident Lawyer Pinellas. Now I have no idea where Pinellas is even located. Is that an actual city? Is that a state? Somewhere located in the US? Cause I totally have no idea where that would be located. I seriously had to look that up. Seems Pinellas is in Florida. Since I don't live in Florida, I would not know this.

I notice that a lot of these ads are from Florida. What is with lawyer ads and Florida? Welp, I checked out this Auto Accident Lawyer Pinellas and was still at a loss as to this town. I mean yes, avoiding car accidents is a good thing for anyone with a car and even those without. I mean I would rather not be caught up in an accident in someone else's car. But in the whole time I was reading the page, that name just amused me. Pinellas. Makes me want to do research on it.