Lawyers for Truck Drivers

Well…you guys are closer…I do live somewhat near NY. Well somewhat. Still wrong state but I’ll let it slide. But apparently there’s a lawyer for just people with trucks. I assume they mean the shipping trucks you ee on the highway (as a regular truck would sound silly). Well as silly as a lawyer calling themselves a Truck Accident Attorney Queens . But I can see the need for a specific truck lawyer.

My Uncle drove these style trucks for years: interstate, in state, cross country – if it needed delivery, he had done it. So many hours, so many places, I can see that wearing down on a driver. What if you nod off and hid something? What if someone who didn’t respect the size of your truck cause an accident and tried to pinning it on you, tired truck driver? Yeah, a Truck Accident Attorney Queens I think would be quite needed in such situations.