How I do 'storage units'.

I am no stranger to using storage facilities. Sometimes you have to simply stow things away in other places - especially when where you live is too small, or too unpleasant to keep your stuff at. And yes, I had to at one point move my things to a new local.

But moving things around is not cheap nor convenient. I am not a driver - I have a driver's license but not a a car nor have I driven in years. So renting a vehicle is problematic. I could bribe a person to spare their vehicle and time to move things, or simply drive for me a rented vehicle but that is also a bit pricey as I tend to not stiff people moving things for me. I found the ask a friend to move and drive their own vehicles (and bribe them with free food/beer) works best in getting drivers.

But then there is the worry of finding a storage place itself. There are many places out there at really cheap prices, especially the smaller they go. But cheaper is not always better - the cheap places tend to kinda be over glorified shelters, letting bugs and the damp get to your items. So I spend a bit more as I'd like to keep my stuff safe.

My best thing in storage is to as soon as I can take everything out and edit my stuff. I.E. once you get a safe place take your stuff out and determine if you need them or pare down your stuff. Give some away. It's funny how a storage unit can become that proverbial junk drawer. My grandma ran into this with her unit as ma had to give away many things that just sat around for years in hers! Paying rent for stuff I never use is just silly to me.