The Cigar: aka the classy blunt.

I've never been a big smoker. It's not that I don't like smoking or am tripped up over heath things, it's more I just have less of an urge to legal or otherwise. But when I do smoke I tend to enjoy things of the unusual. Smoking pipes? Sure. Hand rolling a cigarette? Why not. Fruit flavored smokes? Yes please. Cigars are a rarity where I live (unless you mean blunts or swisher sweets - which are entirely different).

But cigars are a rarity for me. Maybe it's their connotations as something stuffy, ritzy board room power players use. Or their heavy halo of smoke. But like drinking whiskey out of a flask cigars are just so out of character for me but look fun to occasionally indulge in. It doesn't help I found a page full of cigar deals of the day. So tempting - and they are cheaper than I expected!