LA and immigration.

Now I don't live in LA (the city nor the state) I've never been to either. Btut ever since living where I do I got the vibe many people in the Hispanic community where are live are living under the radar. Now theses are normally awesome people. Most that I've met were on the up in up in working and getting shit done. But (and this is from even my days in retail) got the vibe many are working under the table.

Hardworking people, but some at least the first gens you hate to think that hey, you may be not legally allowed here. I couldn't live under that tension that you are 'not allowed' here. But people do what they gotta do to survive I s'poses. It's cool that if some of the peps in that community wanted to get 'legal' there are many immigration lawyers in los angeles to help them. Well, if they live in LA. I hope there are just as helpful resources down here...