Translation isn't just for schools!

As I was surfing the net, I discovered that 'legal translator' is a thing. As in there are people who translate things in the legal field. Now, legal translators are not simply some college Spanish major rewriting some other student's essay on tomatoes, nor is it a company rewriting it's ads in a whole different language. This is where legal documents - the (to a layman's eyes) rather complicated papers seen in court cases, legal filings, contracts and the sort. Stuff that aside from doctoral paperwork are written with a person in the legal profession's tone.

So considering how complicated and exact such paper work is (it involves laws and all!), the translator has to not only understand the legalese they are reading but much competently translate that to the new language. There is nothing worse that following a form to the letter only to discover part of it was incorrectly written causing you the customer more legal headache! It sounds like a tough but rewarding gig.

I myself being that I only competently speak English (all those years of HS Spanish went in the ear and out the other apparently which is a shame) and my grasp on legal writing is meh at best (well, and I find legal briefs boring to be honest), I think I'll leave this kind of work to the experts.