Do I still have the time to run a biz, much less inventory it all?

I am still debating on trying that ebay store thing. I've always had a desire to run an online shop. But part of my hesitation was 'what could I sell' and where would I get the inventory for it? And if I got big, where would I store it? I mean, I looked into AMS just in case (they can handle the storing and processing end) but I just was stumped. Did I want to sell say video games or figurines or basically things I knew about? Did I want to sell anything and everything like clothing and purses? Did I want to keep it digital and sell say ebooks?

And since I probably wont have the time to create things, where would I get said inventory and can I afford to buy up lots despite my meager income? And then there's talk that ebay has gone down in flames (I know me and paypal are a tad standoffish these days). So many things...I wonder if I'll ever do the e shop thing :(