I think I need to try a new hustle.

I've been working hard and pushing myself for more hours, more work.

'Time is money friend!' - some hustler goblin in WoW

I tell myself, do this and you can have the bills in order, have left over to start new projects. It's not that I hate what I do (it's actually aside from things here and there, the least stressful job I've ever had), it's just a stepping stone that has me at the mercy of demand. I know this and can't be complacent. The complacent monster was what told me depression had it's claws save for it got worse even destroying even my motive to do the same old job.

But this? This is laziness and not seeing opportunity. I work at home. I can search between shifts. I can see what's out there. Hell, to be even doing this people said was insane and impossible. Yet, I made it.

I work from home like I always wanted to racking up writing credits and skills I didn't know were skills.

And now I can try my hand at owning my own bis? Shoot, I hustled this far, why not?

The idea is scary. This is all on me, to run and start something on my own.

Meh, wish me luck.