LF a new Yoga bag

I've been on a slight health kick lately. Eating less food (and trying to avoid 'garbage/junk' food and generally trying to modify my diet. But I've also gone one better. I've taken up Yoga. Yeah, that limb flexing, foot balancing, weird positions you'd think was impossible but not, Yoga. But not just -any- type of Yoga. No, I have to be a special snowflake about it - I'm doing the 'hot' version of it.

No, I don't thinking I'm super sexy, I mean in that I get to do poses in a super heated room for over an hour, sweating away. At the end of these sessions I leave soaked in sweat. There's showers so a change in clothing is definitely in order. So, this requires a bag.

So far, I've been using an old laundry bag or an awkward to use drawstring bag. Both get stinky rather quickly despite rushing the plies of sweat laden clothing home asap. I was looking for a more appropriate bag and found these personalized dance duffles. They aren't meant for Yoga but I bet dancers sweat up their stuff all the time! These bags could be perfect for after class clothing gathering!