Replenishing my pen bucket.

I have now hit the bottom of my 'pen bucket'. What is my 'pen bucket'? Well, it is a pile of pens I have collected from either buying, but mostly swiping pens. Open up a new bank account and get some swag? Free pen. Borrow a pen to sign papers and forget it in the bowels of my purse? Free pen. And so on. All my pens I'd collect into a small pail or my 'pen bucket'. But those rules also are reflexive so between them and pens eventually dying I ran out of pens.

But I saw a great deal at Pen Factory which will help me in this. They have custom pens in bulk like twist promotional pens in various styles. From metal to plastic pens they have many options and in a rainbow of colors.

I know I'm gunning for a fleet of plastic electric blue pens. I love when my stuff matches and can see myself having a blue themed desk with a sea of blue. Maybe I'll have my initials engraved on em too, just for that fancy touch.