Preparing my glassware collection.

It's been a slow roll trying to gather things for my future apartment. I had to basically plan for things like my own furniture and provisions. This sucks, but the upside is that I get to chose my own decor without having to bicker with a second, third or whatever party.

One of my future choices that definitely excites me is choosing my own china, dishware, and glassware. Especially the glassware. I kinda love how a well put together set of glasses look! But I looked around and realized that personalized - - glassware is a thing.

That is, you can not only get a set of awesome glasses, but have them personalized for you. I mean I could like have Resident Evil themed glasses or World of Warcraft themed glasses or hell named family glasses just because - all engraved. I can even have more than the standard wine glasses etched in, but say beer glasses, jars, martini glasses and even glass pitchers all using fancy and beautiful looking glass.