D.Y.I. Chandelier Fun

You know what would be so cool? Having a hanging chandelier. Sure, that is mostly for houses and halls with large space (though I've seen cute small sized chandeliers used in interesting ways) but that doesn't mean I can't dream! Now, ind you I know that I can't fit a whole chandelier in my home, but there is a place that sells chandelier parts.

Now, why would I want to just buy chandelier parts? Well, one it is cheaper to go the parts route but two I can sorta D.Y.I. a smaller chandelier for my dinky place. Or, I can be artsy and make a small art wall with a bunch of crystals and parts. If the result ends in me admiring a bunch of crystalline twinkles along my wall, I'd consider my project a success (and such a project while time consuming would be cool to try).